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Welcome to WBCT Los Angeles

Priority Daily Message  

All transaction types (Imports/Empties/Exports) require an appointment

WBCT will be closed both shifts Monday 2/18/19, We will be open for full service gate Tuesday.

Please refer to the Express Gate Instructions for additional details.

*** All Truck traffic must enter terminal using Knoll Road & Front Street entrance. No U-Turns are permitted on Knoll Road. ***

*** Staging at Ingates & Outgates is not permitted. Violators will be fined and/or banned. ***
*** All transactions must have an accompanying EIR Ingate pass and EIR Outgate pass (unless bobtail out). Drivers are responsible for making sure their transaction matches their gate pass. **

Vessel highline areas are restricted to terminal traffic only. Drivers in violation may be escorted off terminal.

WBCT Gate Schedule
Date: 1st Shift: 2nd Shift:
Monday, February 11, 2019 Open Open
Tuesday, February 12, 2019 OPEN Open
Wednesday, February 13, 2019 Open Open
Thursday, February 14, 2019 Open Open
Friday, February 15, 2019 Open CLOSED
Saturday, February 16, 2019 CLOSED CLOSED
Sunday, February 17, 2019 CLOSED CLOSED
Monday, February 18, 2019 CLOSED CLOSED
Tuesday, February 19, 2019 Open Open
Wednesday, February 20, 2019 Open Open
Thursday, February 21, 2019 Open Open
Friday, February 22, 2019 Open CLOSED
Saturday, February 23, 2019 TBD CLOSED
Sunday, February 24, 2019 CLOSED CLOSED
Monday, February 25, 2019 Open Open
Tuesday, February 26, 2019 Open Open
Wednesday, February 27, 2019 Open Open
Thursday, February 28, 2019 Open Open
Friday, March 01, 2019 Open CLOSED
Saturday, March 02, 2019 TBD CLOSED
Sunday, March 03, 2019 CLOSED CLOSED
Empty Restrictions
X= Blocked        D=dual transaction only        
SSCO 20'ST 40'ST 40'HC 45' 20' RF 40'RF Specialty
HAP/UAS       x x x  
ONE x   x x x x x
PAS         x    
PIL x x x x x x x
CMA x x x x x x x
EGS x x x x x x x
SUD x x x x x x x
OOCL x x x x x x x
ZIM x x x x x x x
MSC x x x x x x x
Customs Exam Fees:
  • X-Ray Exam $265.00
  • Tailgate Exam $265.00

Payments can be made using the link "Multi Pay" at top of page

Flip Fees

Please contact Customer Service at trouble@wbct.us for exact pricing: 

  • Trans Devan (Removal of cargo from Flat racks only) - $5,600
  • Non Trans Devan (Removal of cargo from Flat Racks only) - $3,350
  • Trans Flip (Chains & Plugs to accommodate over dimensional cargo, not a devan of cargo) - $900
  • Top Handler Flip (Chains & Plugs, certain dimensional restrictions apply) - $450
  • Bromma Flip  - $200
  • Regular Flip - $65 

All rates above are subject to change depending on Height, Width, and Weight of cargo. 

Trans Devans/Flips require appointment. Additional charges will be assessed for missed appointments.

Additional Terminal Contacts


For further questions please contact:WBCTCS@WBCT.US

Night and weekend Contacts: 310-519-2332 or


Trucker Information

Be Advised:

  • WBCT is in close proximity to many local neighborhoods which are susceptible to noise pollution. We ask that truckers refrain from using their horns while staging inside or outside the terminal unless absolutely necessary.
  • DO NOT leave empties on wheels without written permission. Any empty found on wheels will result in a FINE and BANISHMENT for the driver.
  • All foreign chassis (Non-POP) MUST be taken out by the driver that in-gated with the chassis. Any foreign chassis that are found in the yard will result in a FINE and BANISHMENT for the driver.
  • WBCT is not responsible for your chassis, if you bring in your own chassis, take it out with you.
  • Contact SSCO for special empty equipment return locations.

Terminal Rules:

  • Safety is our #1 priority here at WBCT.
  • Safety Vest must be worn at all times.
  • Truckers must obey all posted signs in the terminal, including STOPS, SPEED LIMITS, KEEP CLEAR, ETC.
  • Drivers must wear seatbelts at all times.
  • There is no Cell Phone use while in-motion on the terminal. If Cell Phone must be used, please pull to the side and stop your vehicle.
  • Drivers must stay in their vehicles at all times.
  • No passengers are allowed in the truck inside the yard.
  • Speed limit in the yard is 10MPH and is strictly enforced.
  • Follow the traffic directions of all security personnel.
  • Use safety walk ways to walk from the Truck Trouble Parking area to the trouble window.
  • Longshore personnel operating yard equipment have the Right of Way.
  • Yard Horn Signals:
    • 1 Blast – Stop
    • 2 Blasts – Pull Forward
    • 3 Blasts – Back Up
  • Undo twist locks before container is decked.
  • Travel in the marked isles and lanes only.
  • If your container is on a bad order or incorrect chassis go to the Flip Line.
  • Park your bare chassis in the appropriate area.
  • Engine must be turned off while at Roadability
  • Truckers, please allow the truck at the pedestal lane to clear the pedestal prior to next truck in line entering for the next transaction.
  • Drivers must see a clerk before dropping or picking up a Reefer.
  • All drivers MUST have a TWIC card prior to entry.
  • All drivers MUST go to the In-Gate pedestals to enter the Terminal.
  • All drivers MUST out gate through pedestal/bobtail out gate lanes.
    • Please Insure that you have and EIR out before exiting with a container. Containers that are not properly interchanged out will cause delays when returning.


  • All chassis must have updated BITs prior to Out Gate. If BIT is expired, take chassis to Roadability for re-certification.
  • WBCT accepts all POP chassis.

Other Information:


 Live Gate Camera




2050 John S. Gibson Blvd
San Pedro, CA 90731

 Firms Code:  Y773

Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday: 0700-0200 Friday: 0700-1600

Closed on Saturday and Sunday

All persons accessing WBCT are required to show their valid TWIC.

For all empty container inspections please report to  Roadability.

DRIVERS! Please make sure your headlights are OFF during night operations.

WBCT Availability

Status of Shipments, Container Availability, Bookings and Holds:

WBCT Availability

Phone: 310-519-2349


Trouble Desk

Trucker Issues, Over Dimension Cargo, Booking Issues


Phone: 310-519-2352

E-mail: trouble@wbct.us

WBCT Demurrage

Tailgate fees, Collection and Payment of Demurrage, Yard fees as well as rates and schedules please contact:

WBCT Demurrage

Phone: 310-519-2353

E-mail: demurrage@wbct.us


Hazardous Documentation, US Coast Guard Holds and Coordinating Hazardous Examinations please contact:


Phone: 310-519-2344

E-mail: hazardous@wbct.us

Regulatory Agency

US Customs Holds, Detentions, Seizures, Examinations, and USDA, FDA information please contact:

 Regulatory Agency

Phone: 310-519-2357

E-mail: customs@wbct.us

Demurrage, Tariffs, and Fees:

All fees (Flip, Customs, Demurrage, Banned Trucker, etc.) must be in the form of Check, Money Order, Cashier's Check, or payment on-line. Please make all checks payable to: West Basin Container Terminal.


Drivers who are in violation of terminal procedures and safety protocols are subject to bannishment/fines



Import Appointments

WBCT provides daily appointment availability for all yard locations on a first booked, first served basis. This means you have the greatest availability the sooner you book the appointment.  

*Wheeled containers do not need appointments


We strongly suggest your team signs up for automatic availability notifications through the WBCT Voyager Track site. This function allows your team to be notified via email when a container is discharged and ready for an appointment to be booked.

To ensure you do not miss appointment opportunities, please book your appointment as soon as you receive the notification that the container is available for pick up. 

Import Free Flow- Skip the Appointment!

Our Import Free Flow (IFF) program is available for Customers/Truckers with 50 or more containers per vessel. Please contact importlist@wbct.us for more information. 


Please click here for answers to common questions and additional details.

Terminal Turn Times


Avg TT
1st Shift 36.82
2nd Shift


02/02 - 02/08 Avg TT
1st Shift 38.62
2nd Shift 38.57
Vessel Schedule
Vessel Service Lane Vessel Code Voyage SSCO Estimated Time of Arrival Full Start Cut Off 
NYK Meteor AL5W NMTT 059W ONE 02/15/19    
NYK Rigel AL5E NRIT 052E ONE 02/17/19 02/06/19 02/13/19
Horizon Reliance LHX PARG 591E592W PAS 02/18/19 02/12/19 02/20/19
East China Sea CEN ECSE 027E027W COS 02/19/19 02/04/19 02/15/19
YM Maturity PS4 YMTT 057E057W YML 02/20/19 02/07/19 02/18/19
Horizon Enterprise CHX PAEN 590E591W PAS 02/21/19 02/15/19 02/23/19
NYK Remus AL5E NRET 053E ONE 02/22/19 02/13/19 02/20/19
Marjorie C LHX MRJC 099E100W PAS 02/25/19 02/19/19 02/27/19
YM Milestone PS4 YMMT 058E058W YML 02/26/19 02/14/19 02/22/19
NYK Meteor AL5E NMTT 059E ONE 02/27/19 02/20/19 02/26/19
Cosco Yantian CEN CYYT 084E084W COS 02/28/19 02/18/19 02/26/19
Horizon Spirit CHX PAJB 569E570W PAS 02/28/19 02/22/19 03/02/19
NYK Nebula AL5W NNBT 063W ONE 03/01/19    
NYK Rumina AL5W NRUT 045W ONE 03/03/19    
Horizon Reliance LHX PARG 592E593W PAS 03/04/19 02/26/19 03/05/19
NYK Remus AL5E NRUT 045E ONE 03/06/19 02/27/19 03/05/19
CSCL South China Sea CEN SCSE 028E028W COS 03/06/19 02/25/19 03/05/19
Horizon Enterprise CHX PAEN 591E592W PAS 03/07/19 03/01/19 03/08/19
NYK Deneb AL5W NDBT 064W ONE 03/08/19    
NYK Rumina AL5E NRUT 045E ONE 03/08/19 02/27/19 03/06/19
Marjorie C LHX MRJC 100E101W PAS 03/11/19 03/05/19 03/12/19
NYK Adonis PS4 NADT 045E045W ONE 03/11/19 02/28/19 03/08/19
NYK Nebula AL5E NNBT 063E ONE 03/13/19 03/06/19 03/12/19
Terminal Location